Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u18 build

Date: 09/09/09

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6795465 3-Medium Defect Crash in assembler_sparc.cpp with client compiler on solaris-sparc
  6875329 3-Medium Defect fix for 6795465 broke exception handler cloning
  6827605 4-Low RFE new String intrinsics may prevent EA scalar replacement
  6862863 3-Medium Defect C2 compiler fails in elide_copy()
  6875866 2-High Defect Intrinsic for String.indexOf() is broken on x86 with SSE4.2
  6876584 4-Low Defect parameters order is incorrect for enc_String_Equals() in x86_32.ad
  6798898 2-High Defect CMS: bugs related to class unloading
  6819085 3-Medium RFE G1: use larger and/or user settable region size
  6841313 3-Medium RFE G1: dirty cards of survivor regions in parallel
  6845368 3-Medium Defect large objects cause a crash or unexpected exception
  6871111 4-Low RFE G1: remove the concurrent overhead tracker
  6875393 2-High Defect JNI itable index cache is broken
  6862945 4-Low Defect conversion of jmethodID to methodOop in JVMTI is too expensive
  6879058 4-Low RFE Change default JPRT release target for 6Update series VMs
  6879061 5-Very Low Defect Bump the HS16 build number to 09
  6830542 3-Medium RFE Performance: new JVM_DefineClass with conditional verify
  6861660 3-Medium Defect OopMapBlock count/size confusion
  6764257 3-Medium Defect D3D/OGL: color is not reset properly after save/restoreState() [RSL]
  6857465 2-High RFE Add Ubuntu support to MFontConfiguration.java
  6862652 4-Low Defect A number of tests fail for some background Themes configured on Windows7 & Windows 2008R2 in 6u15
  6518077 4-Low RFE Modal dialogs open slowly with JRE 1.6.0 sun.awt.X11.XToolkit
  6547881 2-High Defect NPE when closing modal dialog
  6867293 2-High Defect switching TAB in a browser doesn't deactivate EmbeddedFrame
  6878168 1-Very High Defect PIT: Showing Print/Page dialog throws CCE
  6551584 2-High RFE Need fontconfig.properties for Ubuntu
  6830423 2-High RFE Unified Ext B character not displayed with Dialog font
  6872774 4-Low Defect MappingTest.java doesn't check font files correctly.
  6850606 3-Medium Defect Regression from JDK 1.6.0_12
  6876282 2-High Defect BigDecimal's divide(BigDecimal bd, RoundingFormat r) produces incorrect result
  6826780 3-Medium Defect URLClassPath should use HashMap\ instead of HashMap\
  6826801 3-Medium Defect JarFileFactory should not use HashMap\
  6863419 2-High Defect MimeTable initialization is too greedy
  6865629 2-High Defect Backport JDK 7 Cookie fixes to JDK 6
  6869739 2-High Defect Cannot check revocation of single certificate without validating the entire chain
  6868503 2-High Defect RuleBasedBreakIterator is inefficient
  6814989 2-High Defect STPE terminates when policy set to continue executing existing periodic tasks
  6456628 3-Medium Defect (tz) Default timezone is incorrectly set occasionally on Linux
  6838887 3-Medium Defect (tz) Add UTC and Yerevan to tzmappings
  6822215 2-High Defect iftw.exe should point to javadl-esd.sun.com for the version.xml file, not java.sun.com
  6865178 2-High RFE add the -system arg to the silent install of javafx runtime and vector called by the installer
  6775736 3-Medium Defect Some add-ons are considered "Not Verified" in the IE's "Managed Add-ons" list
  6868485 2-High Defect Issues with applets trying to access eventqueue when run with new Plug-in
  6803688 2-High Defect Integrate latest JAX-WS (2.1.6) in to JDK 6u14
  6200723 4-Low Defect Typos at javadoc for org.w3c.dom.bootstrap.DOMImplementationRegistry.newInstance()
  6200737 3-Medium Defect Typos at javadoc for org.w3c.dom.TypeInfo.isDerivedFrom
  6794483 2-High Defect Parsing of xml fails if included from one xml to another using xinclude tag
  6849942 3-Medium Defect Jaxp Issue 58: XML processing instruction parsing error
  6710741 3-Medium Defect DOMSerializerImpl.writeToString swallows nested exceptions
  6354969 3-Medium Defect Bug in XPathFactory.newInstance() method
  6505031 3-Medium Defect javax.xml.transform.Transformer spews "http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace" out
  6551616 4-Low Defect Bug in SAX2StAXEventWriter.java:367-377.
  6559595 4-Low Defect HTML serialization has special ampersand handling of URL containing attributes
  6573786 4-Low Defect No formatting for an parser error messages
  6872330 4-Low Defect jaxp issue 12: toString method of XMLGregorianCalendar does not return a valid dateTime value
  6877599 2-High Defect JAXP update in JDK6u18
  4712024 4-Low Defect DOC: "implementation" is misspelled as "impelemntation" in SAXParser docs
  6545684 3-Medium Defect Java 6: ValidationHandler does not invoke ContentHandler.ignorableWhitespace()
  6608841 4-Low Defect SAX error parsing dtd in jdk 1.6: "The replacement text of parameter entity...."
  6631310 5-Very Low Defect jaxp issue 42 : dysfunctional hyperlink in package org.xml.sax
  6500909 4-Low Defect getAttributeName throws nullpointer exception for an element without attribute
  6586466 4-Low Defect XMLEventReaderImpl.nextTag() does not update fLastEvent
  6600882 2-High Defect toString(), hashCode() throw Exception
  6610034 2-High Defect Support the mode that doesn't load external DTD (sjsxp issue 50)
  6613059 3-Medium Defect Same code runs fine on 1.6.0_01 but gives XMLStreamException on 1.6.0_02
  6620624 3-Medium Defect XMLEventReader.getElementText() leads to infinite loop if there's a peeked event
  6631262 4-Low Defect sjsxp issue 44: XMLStreamReader.getName() should throw IllegalStateException, not IllegalArg
  6631265 4-Low Defect sjsxp issue 47 : XMLStreamReader.standaloneSet() implemented wrong
  6631268 4-Low Defect sjsxp issue 41 : XMLEvent.writeAsEncodedUnicode(Writer) not implemented
  6631274 4-Low Defect sjsxp issue 38 : createXMLEventReader fails with DOMSource input
  6668115 3-Medium Defect sjsxp issue 57: XMLEventReaderImpl.getElementText() and nextTag() fail to update last event
  6671723 3-Medium Defect sjsxp issue 58: XMLEvent.getLocation() returns a volatile Location
  6840792 3-Medium Defect sjsxp issue 70 XmlStreamReaderImpl.getAttributeValue namespace arg. not interpreted properly
  6846132 4-Low Defect StAX XMLOutputFactory createXMLStreamWriter() only supports Stream Results
  6846133 4-Low Defect StAX XMLEventReader DTD issues
  6847819 3-Medium Defect sjsxp issue 56: XNIException not caught, passed on to app, for invalid xml decl
  6872274 4-Low Defect sjsxp issue 18: NullPointerException thrown if DTD has no internal subset
  6872275 3-Medium Defect sjsxp issue 24: Inconsistent behavior for getPrefix() when no prefix
  6872276 3-Medium Defect sjsxp issue 17 sjsxp issue 21 sjsxp issue 22 sjsxp issue 24 sjsxp issue 27
  6872316 4-Low Defect sjsxp issue 32: NullPointerException in XMLDOMWriterImpl.writeCharacters()
  6872321 3-Medium Defect sjsxp issue 28 sjsxp issue 34 integration
  6878151 2-High Defect jdk integration 6840541 GlassFish: SJSXP: XML streaming parser spins indefinitely
  6634423 3-Medium Defect schema validation fails when re-use DocumentBuilder
  6684227 4-Low Defect JAXP issue 49 : Support dom/current-element-node property
  6859210 3-Medium Defect OOM in xml validator when maxOccurs is large
  6175602 2-High Defect Compilation of StarOffice wordml XSLT filter via XSLTC throws exception
  6243824 4-Low Defect Use of File.toURL in com/sun/org/apache/xalan/internal/xsltc - toURL known to return invalid URLs
  6384805 2-High Defect XSLTC ignores XML namespace, when nodeset is created within a template
  6537167 3-Medium Defect XSLTC java.lang.NoSuchFieldError for XSLT that runs OK in Java 5
  6548592 4-Low Defect Wrong behaviour of the "xsl:number" element
  6565260 4-Low Defect XSLT: "use-attribute-sets" attribute is processed when current node is root
  6577667 4-Low Defect wrong javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException
  6631168 4-Low Defect StAXSource & StAXResult support in JavaSE6
  6631318 2-High Defect jaxp issue 43 : Exception while creating Schema object as it doesn't take care of inscope namespaces
  6840742 3-Medium Defect URL encoding/decoding causes jaxp-test to fail on Windows when the path contains space
  6872268 4-Low Defect Refer to 6384805: use AttributesImpl instead of AttributeList
  6872270 4-Low Defect StAXEvent2SAX NT-prolog or the NT-Misc
  6872353 4-Low Defect Call initCause() to record complete stack trace
  6877591 4-Low Defect Ensure thread safety in calls to generatePrefix().
  6857802 3-Medium Defect GSS getRemainingInitLifetime method returns milliseconds not seconds