Bug/RFE fixed in JDK 6u14 build

Date: 02/26/09

Category ID Priority RFE/Bug Synopsis
  6795362 2-High Defect 32bit server compiler leads to wrong results on solaris-x86
  6805724 2-High Defect ModLNode::Ideal() generates functionally incorrect graph when divisor is any (2^k-1) constant.
  6807174 5-Very Low Defect Bump HS14 build number to 11
  6792705 3-Medium RFE Add JAR file to bootclasspath when using AggressiveOpts
  6277781 3-Medium Defect Serialization of Enums over IIOP is broke.
  6800318 1-Very High Defect hotspot HS14 b10 requires BOOTDIR of 1.6.0
  4457181 3-Medium Defect Unicode Combining Diacritics are not rendered
  6491273 4-Low Defect Print and Page dialogs are shown in the taskbar, on Windows
  6658726 3-Medium Defect ColorConvertOp causes JVM to abort
  6795060 3-Medium Defect VM crash on Linux in ICU layout library when processing \u0DDD (Sinhalese)
  6800846 3-Medium Defect REGRESSION: Printing quality degraded with Java 6 compared to 5.0
  6488834 3-Medium Defect REG: An extra icon is created on the taskbar when a native dialog is opened, Win32
  6770457 3-Medium Defect Using ToolTips causes inactive app window to exhibit active window behavior
  6797587 2-High Defect Need better control over shapes cut out by hw/lw mixing
  6799689 3-Medium RFE Make sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.hexFloatPattern static field initialized lazily
  6670408 2-High Defect testcase panics 1.5.0_12&_14 JVM when java.net.PlainSocketImpl trying to throw an exception
  6771432 2-High Defect createSocket() - smpatch fails using 1.6.0_10 because of "Unconnected sockets not implemented"
  6559589 3-Medium Defect Memory leak in JScrollPane.updateUI()
  6625450 3-Medium Defect javax.swing.border.TitledBorder.getBaseline() doesn't throw IAE when width is \< 0
  6683775 2-High Defect Painting artifacts is seen when panel is made setOpaque(false) for a translucent window
  6698013 3-Medium Defect JFileChooser can no longer navigate non-local file systems.
  6741392 3-Medium Defect libmawt.so crash at Java_com_sun_java_swing_plaf_gtk_GTKEngine_nativeFinishPainting+0x4f
  6794836 4-Low Defect BasicSliderUI throws NullPointerExc when JSlider maximum is Integer.MAX_VALUE
  6792400 3-Medium Defect Avoid loading of Normalizer resources for simple uses
  6476425 3-Medium Defect (fmt) java.util.Formatter.print() throws IllegalArgumentException on large BigDecimal
  6713428 3-Medium Defect unneeded entries in the RemoveFile table
  6779997 3-Medium Defect cruft left over when uninstalling JDK in some cases
  6794397 3-Medium Defect install ws shouldn't need $OUTPUTDIR/classes to build
  6797747 3-Medium Defect need to bring back xpiinstall.exe
  6755037 3-Medium Defect There are extra empty line/spacing on French and Italian rtf license files
  6807210 2-High Defect Service tag not created with 6u14 jre bundles
  6790604 4-Low Defect display build number for ea release in java console
  6791245 3-Medium Defect Tune handling of LAP files
  6791250 2-High RFE Tune cache index files
  6708508 4-Low Defect LogManager.readConfiguration() throws an exception
  6793694 2-High Defect Applications using JPEG images cannot be executed by kernel JRE.
  6786180 2-High Defect Plugin2 does not honor "mandatory" flag deployment.config for a system level configuration
  6787795 3-Medium Defect Need better error descriptions during failures to launch JavaFX applets
  6796470 2-High RFE Use new NPAPI entry points for cookie, proxy and browser authenticator access
  6799845 3-Medium Defect need makefile changes and new headers added for 6796470
  6805651 1-Very High Defect PIT(6u14-b02)- Signed applets using JNLP will fail to work
  6537987 3-Medium Defect improve javaws.exe native parser to handle \ element
  6783308 3-Medium Defect Browser certificates should not be loaded unless needed
  6803363 1-Very High Defect Regression : cacheviewer doesn't show javaws application launched in 6u14 b02 PIT.
  6767959 2-High Defect Catalog resolver transient memory usage high
  6748156 4-Low RFE add an new JNDI property to control the boolean flag WaitForReply (JDK5)
  6795623 2-High Defect Refresh jvisualvm image with latest revision (1.1)